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The Origins of Templar
The Origins of Templar
By: D.W. Tyn
The organization known as Templar began during the Crusades. Two legions, one the Christian Templars, the other the Muslim Saracens, and each 1000 men strong, were given a vision from the Almighty. They were both told to go to an ancient fortress where they must defeat 'the enemy of Faith.' Both sides, thinking that this enemy was the opposing side, went to this fortress. When both groups came to outside the fortress from two different directions, both sides saw one another and decided to
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Grand Hegemony Aliens
The Grand Hegemony Aliens
Grand Hegemony Member Races (Not all the members; just some of the main members.):
The Gibborim: The elegant race of scarlet-skinned, feline-like humanoids. They are very long-lived. They can change genders under certain conditions. Their major advancements are in genetic engineering. They love epic poetry and sagas. Because they can change gender, sex is not a taboo; however, they are not entirely promiscuous, but they are known to have sexual intercourse with friends of any race or gender as long as said friend asks them
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Templar Universal Guide
Templar Universe Guide
By: DW Tyn
The Templar Organization: (Author's Note: The Origin of Templar will be on a separate paper. It will be posted soon.) The Templar Organization (or simply Templar) is a long-running secret organization dedicated to keeping the forces of evil at bay. The reason it has stayed operational for centuries is because, unlike many secret organizations who were funded by governments and empires that have risen and fallen over the years, Templar is funded by the one institution that has survived the tests
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Future Story Ideas II
The Psychomancer’s Trilogy:  In the land of Mornesse, twelve years have passed since a civil war ended with the overthrowing of Mornesse’s royal family, the Fultons, and the rise of a fascist military-ruled government known as ‘the Perfected People’s Republic of Mornesse.’ In Mornesse, there are Psychomancers, a gifted group of men and women who can read minds, move things with a single thought, manipulate various elements and materials, and the most spectacular of all these powers is the ability to create beings known as ‘Figments
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Templar TV Series Character Guide Part One
Templar TV Series Character Guide Part I
By: DW Tyn
The US Templar Unit Alpha (The Main Cast):
Addie Clayton: The main protagonist. She thought she had life thought out. She was going to finish art school, be discovered, get famous, and have a few love affairs. But that wasn't her destiny. She finds out that her destiny is to follow her late mother's footsteps and being a powerful witch as well as a monster-hunter. And if that wasn't enough, there's also a prophecy about her saying that she will be the ultimate warrior against the forces of darkness. But, she doesn't know that; not just yet, anyway. Personality-wise, Addie is smart-mouthed, has a wry sense of humor and is very creative in many ways; from her fashion-sense, to her art and music. (Portrayed by: Phoebe Tonkin) Quote: "Monster-hunters, huh? Well, it beats a 'Nine-to-Fiver.'"
Father August Clayton: August Clayton was just a boy when he learned what was really out there. Both of his parents were killed b
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Templar TV Series Outline
Templar TV Series Plot Outline
By: DW Tyn
Addie Clayton thought she was a normal girl with a wry and smart-mouth personality and a unique fashion sense. That was until her twentieth birthday when she is attacked by strange men (who were actually demons). She was rescued by her estranged uncle, a sarcastic one-legged priest, and others she never saw before. Her uncle revealed to her that her late mother was not only a powerful Witch, but also part of an organization of monster hunter that secretly are funded by all the world's religions, along with himself. This secret society is known simply as Templar. He also tells her that she has inherited her mother's power. After wrapping her head around the very idea, she decides to follow her mother's footsteps and joins Templar and the US team to fight the forces of darkness.
Besides Addie and her uncle, the US team includes a middle-aged womanizing Werewolf whose human form looks like Magnum PI's long lost brother; his nephew, a wil
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My Nerd Pantheon
My Nerd Pantheon
Author's Note: Before I begin, I just want to thank my friend and fellow deviant, Evildigit, for doing his Pantheon and inspiring me to do mine. In case you do not know, I am not only a nerd, but also a devout fan-boy. And, like many fan-boys and fan-girls, I have many interests. Not just with fictional characters from the Wonderful Land of Pop-Culture, but with various historical and famous people. So, without further ado, let us delve into the Fan-Boy section of my brain and see what we can find.
Real Person House:
Stan Lee: God of Comic Books.
JRR Tolkien: God of Fantasy.
HG Wells: God of Science Fiction.
Clive Barker: God of Horror.
Guillermo Del Toro and Neil Gaiman: Gods of Storytelling.
Joss Whedon: God of Myth-Making, Inspiration and Tragic Romances.
AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult and Pink Floyd: Gods of Old-School Rock-N-Roll.
Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse: Gods of N
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Future Story Ideas
Future Story Ideas
By: DW Tyn
The Chronicles of Ahndrace: A great portion of the continent of Tanalos has been conquered and now ruled by the Anointed, a group of nobles who are the remnants of a race of 'demigods' who lived across the sea and have great magical abilities which they harness through the pain and suffering of their enslaved subjects. All seemed lost until Ahndrace, a mysterious traveler with a strange assortment of companions and the same powers as the Anointed, but of a different kind, who claims to know the truth about the fate of the Anointed's homeland of Riegypt and now vows to right the wrongs that the Anointed have done to Riegypt and Tanalos alike. With the help of his companions, this includes a talking white-furred fox who is really a spirit of wisdom; an undead assassin who was once a mindless brute under the Anointed's thrall; the three-hundred year old child of the leader of the long-lived, mysterious, and aloof Utanerfos (their version of Vampires
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The World of Schism-Mundus Saga
The World of Schism-Mundus Saga Plot Summery
By: DW Tyn
This is a saga that is placed in a time after the end of our Universe. Mankind and the few assortments of other sentient beings in our Universe exist in a pocket dimension on Schism-Mundus, a massive, artificial, cubed-shaped world with six sides the size of super continents and was created by a race of god-like super-beings known as 'The Sustainers.'
This saga begins when war-hero and knight, Sir Icon Griffon, returns home to the Capital of the Kingdom of Great Corazon; after being wounded and scarred after a skirmish with an unknown assailant while campaigning in the Edge-Lands.
The queen of Great Corazon, Jacqueline the Young, hosted a home-coming feast in honor of Sir Griffon; in which he invited many of his dear friends who were foreign dignitaries and other well-known servants to the crown (Who incidentally all have their own eccentricities and stories.). The feast was going well, until the royal palace was attacked by soldi
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Last Unicorn Dream-Cast
Ideal Cast for the Last Unicorn Movie
First off, I want to say that the novel The Last Unicorn, by Peter Beagle was a
childhood favorite for me; that, and the animated feature. To me, the Last Unicorn of the title was symbolic that A) it represented the end of the old days and the start of the new, and B) it represented childhood fantasy and wonder being cast off and banished to parts unknown. It taught me to keep as much of my child-like wonder as I can; and I still do to this very day. So, I decided to think up the ideal cast to play the characters in the way that I, the author, and all the fans of this charming book would want them to play them. Any-way, without further ado, let us begin.
The Unicorn/Lady Amalthea: I see no other person to play the Unicorn/Amalthea better than Amanda Seyfried. Especially after I saw the trailer for the Red Riding Hood movie; she looked just like the animation. Of course, she'd have to do voice-over work for half the movie and have a CGI Unicorn inst
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Paragons Villains Part Two
The Paragons Villains PartTwo
Kontortionist: A Mutate thief and thug for hire, Kontortionist is the older brother of Klay. 'Konnie,' as he is called by others, has the same powers as Klay; the only difference is that his powers have twisted and distorted his face and body into something horrific. Kontortionist has intense anger issues regarding his brother; he believes that Klay chose to join the Paragons because he wanted to betray Konnie. He fights Klay every single time he sees him; it tends to make him sidetracked especially when he's doing a job.
Brute: Brute is a Mutate with incredible strength and size like Lenny Tyke; however, he has a somewhat intelligent personality than his name suggests. Like Kontortionist, he is a thug-for-hire; they sometimes do jobs together. His weight and size tends to make him clumsy, which makes him mad frequently.
The Punk: The Punk is more of the Hooligans nemisis, but he has battled with the Paragons a few times. Basically, he just l
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The Paragons Villains
Paragons Villains: Part One
DW Tyn
 The Gehenna Group: A paramilitary organization that believes that the Meta-Humans should be ruling the humans.
The Warlord: Captain Courageous' arch-nemesis, former Nazi commander, and Field Leader for the Gehenna Group. The reason there wasn't enough Squall energy to make more Super Soldiers besides Cap was because Nazi spies stole what little energy was left. However, that small amount was more than enough to make a willing Major in the Reich's army into the Nazi's greatest soldier/weapon and their ideology of the Master-Race made real: The Warlord. His powers include super strength, super durability, gravity control, and the ability to shoot plasma bolts from his fingertips. He and Cap fought many time during the war until Cap supposedly finished off his worst enemy once and for all. The Warlord did die; but his body was well-preserved and stored safely with the remaining Nazis to South America. The Gehenna Group found the remains in a w
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The Paragons
The Paragons Series Outline
By: DW Tyn
Plot Synopsys:
 In the year 2012, in an alternate reality, a massive exposure of cosmic rays hits the entire planet. After that, a majority of the earth's population were genetically mutated; giving them superhuman abilities. This new species gave itself a name: Meta-Sapiens. There are two kinds of Meta-Sapiens: Demigods, or Demi-Gs who have superhuman, even godlike powers; and Mutates, those who have some of the powers as the Demigods, but have mild to severe physical deformities and abnormalities, even mental illness. Twenty-five years after 'the Great Squall', as the event was called, a government agency has been created to handle any and all cases dealing with Meta-Sapiens. This agency is known only as the 'Paragon-10 Agency' or P10A; their main field-operating team, a collect group of Metas that fight for freedom and understanding everywhere; for both Humans and Metas alike. This team's name to both the government and to the public is
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Mature content
The Lun-E-Tunz :iconcount-hoenhiem:Count-Hoenhiem 2 7
Ideal Cast for Abarat Movie
Ideal Cast for Abarat Movie
By: DW Tyn
Authors Note: When I was a freshman in High-School, I found a book by a certain writer/director/artist by the name of Clive Barker; the book was called Abarat. This book had the most original and fantastic story-line and inner concepts than all the books I've ever read before it. It helped me make up my mind and become a writer of Speculative Fiction. Since I've seen a lot of Ideal Cast stuff posted here on Deviant-Art, I thought I would do the honors of thinking up the cast for a movie if they ever made one. So without further ado, let's float down the Sea of Izabella and check out the people of the Abarat.
Candy Quackenbush: I would go with Miranda Cosgrove, because she bears a great resemblance to Barker's drawing of Candy; that and the fact that I'm a fan of iCarly (Mostly for Spencer; he silly.).
John Mischief: I would have to choose Paul Giamatti, because he is a great character actor and he shares some facial similarities with Misc
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The Agents of PSIION

The Agents of PSIION Outline
BY: DW Tyn
(AUTHOR'S NOTE: The plot and characters are owned by the writer, that happens to be me. So don't even think about stealing any of them, OK?)

Basic Plotline:
This takes place in the same Universe that my other creation, Coven 13, is based in. Like C-13, PSIION works under Hierarchy,  the Super Secret Agency that governs all OTHER Super Secret Agencies. Unlike C-13, PSIION deals with matters of an entirely different nature. Contrary to popular belief, the Science and Technology of today is unbelievably more advanced than the general populous realizes. In truth, there science and technology out there that is far too powerful and sometimes too dangerous to barely even have control over. That's where PSIION stands in; PSIION stands for Pseudo-Scientific Intelligence, Investigation and Operations Network. Their job is to investigate any Fringe Science related phenomenon and to keep the unsuspecting public safe f
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Amon by alikasapoglu Amon :iconalikasapoglu:alikasapoglu 374 4 Slenderman by SallibyG-Ray Slenderman :iconsallibyg-ray:SallibyG-Ray 545 63 Daenerys by JUMBOLA Daenerys :iconjumbola:JUMBOLA 33 2 The 10th Doctor Who by JUMBOLA The 10th Doctor Who :iconjumbola:JUMBOLA 83 43 Sabine Wren by JUMBOLA Sabine Wren :iconjumbola:JUMBOLA 117 4 Ziggy - David Bowie by Harizonia Ziggy - David Bowie :iconharizonia:Harizonia 7 0 Sarah vs Onion by AfroOtaku917 Sarah vs Onion :iconafrootaku917:AfroOtaku917 53 15
Tech Profile: Triumvirate Sarcophagi
​Believing that the minds of its citizens are worth preserving even after the death of the body, the Free Triumvirate relies heavily on imprinting technology. Imprinters are available in all Triumvirate hospitals, to transfer the minds of terminal patients to a new host body. Those in professions which are likely to result in death, particularly soldiers, have imprinters mounted into their helmets. If these helmet imprinters detect that the wearer is near death, the helmet projects electrodes which pierce through the wearer's skull and instantaneously imprint the brain. This form of imprinting near-instantaneously destroys the brain, and the imprinting data is sent via a mounted ansible to a Triumvirate databank.
Naturally, this hazardous environment imprinting has its flaws. Those whose minds are being imprinted are often in a state of extreme pain or shock at the moment of imprinting, and the process itself is far from painless. As a result, the imprinted mind will be in a stat
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 13 6
The Legend of Kaida Lance Chapter 9
Chapter 9
Ametrine Palace looked different at night. Medieval. Flaming cauldrons lined the courtyard all the way to the front entrance where a line up of expensive cars faced off with an army of valets. The exhibition banner that waved between the two front pillars had been joined by more decorations. Red paper lanterns hung around the granite columns like ornate, red vines and spotlights shone on the stone dragons, lighting up their fanged snarls and bringing them to life. Guests were already streaming into the palace as we pulled up to the front entrance. I felt like a princess attending her first ball.
A valet extended his hand and helped me from my seat. "My lady," he bowed as he handed me over to my waiting date and I had to contain the girlish giggle.
My dress flowed out around me like Cinderella's gown, my hair falling around my shoulders in fat locks. Laurence handed over his car keys to our salivating valet and ever the gentleman offered me his arm. With his cape on his
:iconlizzieindigo:LizzieIndigo 1 0
Cyber Stop by MarkusVogt Cyber Stop :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 138 6 E.X.O. Commander by MarkusVogt E.X.O. Commander :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 183 24 A.R.C.H.16 by MarkusVogt A.R.C.H.16 :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 161 23 PDT 4000 by MarkusVogt PDT 4000 :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 129 7 ATX-24 | Fortress by MarkusVogt ATX-24 | Fortress :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 104 8 Watcher by MarkusVogt Watcher :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 140 3 D.S.E. | Shuttle Flight by MarkusVogt D.S.E. | Shuttle Flight :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 134 6
Hello, hola, bonjour, und guten tag, my fellow Deviants. It's that time again, time for me to review the season finales of my favorite shows. As always, WARNING, SPOILERS BELOW. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

First up, of course, it Once Upon a Time. I would've written a review sooner, but I wanted to wait until I watched Agents of SHEILD, so I could kill two proverbial birds with one proverbial stone. Now, First things first, it is official: Henry is a teenager. I say this because A) he's going off on a reckless, half baked mission to destroy magic, and B) he's also subconsciously doing this to impress a girl (Who's the daughter of the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court; crazy right?). It is also official that OUAT is giving stories that weren't 'Disney-fied' a chance. I have been waiting for so long; ever since we've learned that all the different realms of this show are Realms of Fiction. I mean, the bibliophile in me is screaming "YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!" And seeing the Land of Untold Stories (FYI, love that name) looked like a Steampunk paradise. I certainly would want to live there. Then there is the case (pun intended) of Mr. Hyde. I must say, Sam Witwer was BORN to play Edward Hyde; he's got the voice, the looks (red eyes or no, he's still a sexy beast), the savagery and cunning to play him. I'm serious, he's just how I've always pictured him in my mind's eye; right down to the scar, the red eyes, and the wicked set of mutton chops. Wouldn't be sweet if Sam Huntington played Dr. Jekyll? The two Sams, together again. And finally, Regina's battle with her dark side. That scene in Neal's apartment alone was simply flawless. It made me fell in love with Regina all over again. Then her confrontation with the Evil Queen on the rooftop, truly poetry in motion. And with the Evil Queen coming back to play, obviously means she and Mr. Hyde are going to hook up. I've even thought up of a ship name: Hyde Queen.

Now, the Agents of SHEILD review. First off, I LOVE Holden Radcliffe. He's funny as hell, and he's a transhumanist, and frankly, it's about time Transhumanism gets represented, am I right? Transhumanism is the way of the future, people. I'll write more about my ideas of Transhumanism in some future entry. I hope we see more of Radcliffe next season; ally or villain, it works for me either way. Next, that scene with Hive and Coulson was awesome. We get to see Hive's real face (which looks WAY better than I imagined it), Coulson was at his best, and he was a hologram. HOW COOL WAS THAT!?! Finally, we have the dreaded 'Who Will Die' revelation. It turns out that the one to die was... Lincoln. Proving once again, Joss Whedon hates love. Well, at least it wasn't FitzSimmons (that's the only ship I care about on that show). I feel sad for Daisy, truly, but I just didn't see her with him. On a side note, the Goth/Punk looks great on her.

That's all for now.

  • Reading: So many different books.
  • Watching: My computer screen. DUH!!!.
  • Playing: With your mind MWAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Eating: Nothing, because lunch has come and gone.


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